Missing Tickets

Good morning, support

One of our clients has being experiencing ticket loss even when the Ticket has been settled.

Most recent was:

On 01/Aug/2020

Ticket number 11980 (Missing from all system records)


Was Settled and Invoice issued, about 10mins later power was cut but was not found after power was restored

Showed up under Customer Tickets. But once clicked on from Customer Tickets screen it did not open, just cleared from that screen(Customer Tickets) and the only record on to show was a missing Ticket number.



What is the output when you run this report:

[Ticket Details:3,3,3,3,3,3,3]
>ID|Date|Closed|Locked|Remaining Amount|Total Amount|Document ID
{REPORT SQL DETAILS:SELECT Id, Date, IsClosed, IsLocked, RemainingAmount, TotalAmount, TransactionDocument_Id FROM dbo.Tickets WHERE Id = 11980:F.Id, F.Date, F.IsClosed, F.IsLocked, F.RemainingAmount, F.TotalAmount, F.TransactionDocument_Id}

[Order Details:3,2,2]
{REPORT SQL DETAILS:SELECT MenuItemName, PortionName, Quantity FROM dbo.Orders WHERE TicketId = 11980:F.MenuItemName, F.PortionName, F.Quantity}

SQL Database Integrity Check
The following command will check that there are no direct issues with a SQL Database

  1. Start a Windows Command Prompt
  2. Type: SQLCMD –U sa –P password (your password)
  3. You will now be prompted on line 1>
    a. Type: DBCC CHECKDB(‘SAMBAPOS5’) – Press enter [replace ‘SAMBAPOS5’ with your actual DB name].
    b. Type: GO – Press enter
  4. The command may take up to 2 minutes to complete.
  5. When the command has finished it will be back to line 1>
  6. Look for “x Allocation Errors and x consistency errors” in the last part of the message

If there are errors then you can try running ‘chkdsk /f /r’ from command prompt. Restart and let the PC do a disk check and repair.

This did not show anything

I just reread your post and I may have misunderstood something and need some clarification:


Is this the ticket number or ticket id?

If 11980 is the ticket ID and the ticket exists you should see some result from that report.

Here’s mine:

11980 is the Ticket number that went missing, Its not showing up anywhere. When we go to Tickets from the Navigation Screen, Ticket number list as:

Client use LocalDB and not SQL

Was there actually a ticket submitted.
If all orders are cancelled a ticket number would be issued but not a ticket id as no ticket would have actually been saved as no orders on the ticket at closing.

Ticket was submitted, Ticket was Paid and closed and Customer was selected and Receipt was printed.

So you have a paid receipt for the ticket?

At what point did power go out? Was it right after payment? Local DB is SQL. It all depends on when power went out. It sounds like it went out before the ticket was recorded to the database or it went out during that process or shortly after and that entry got corrupted. I highly recommend battery UPS on terminals expecially on single LocalDB machines. It is worth every penny and should be considered required cost.

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Unrelated issue, created new post linked below.

Scott we should look at those but they are not related to this case. Start a new discussion and I’ll have our team look into it.

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Yes a receipt was printed out upon payment and was given to a customer

I thought when a receipt is printer then that record is already captured in the database? So a transaction happened and reciept issued to customer, <= All this happened about 10 mins ago.
UPS was already recommend but they want to know whats happened cause they plan to get set with 3 others location but this according to them is worrying and risk factor.

Ticket is saved in the database after it’s submitted.if it was fully paid and closed then it was submitted and likely you had some dataloss due to the power outage. It typically doesn’t happen but with any database a power outage can cause dataloss when a pc is not shutdown correctly.

Any system other than a cloud system will have risk of losing data if you do not plan correctly. Power backup is a must for local non cloud systems.

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