Mobile Client 3 Connection Error

I am trying to connect MC3 to the server pc. The server IP is correctly configured on client and the messaging server is also configured at 9000 port. But client app keeps showing the following error.
I have the latest sambapos version, just updated yesterday. But still not working.

sambapos main

Hello @junaidali0300,

Make sure that you are connecting server computer and mobile device to the same internet source.

Both are on the same network.

Can you show settings?

Configuration on Mobile

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-18 at 9.19.22 PM

Messaging Service

And Server IP Address

Do yo have ports 1433, 1434 & 9000 open? Is your network set as Private on your server PC?

@Posflow I have network discovery on, on the server PC. 1433, 9000 are in LISTENING state, means they are open. 1434 doesn’t show up in the list.

Please show the Sambapos app settings and user settings as per the setup instructions. So we can see those.

You should have a pda app setup and a pda user.

I mean, are these ports allowed in your inbound firewall rules?


pda terminal

pda user

Role to which pda user is assigned

Where is the app? Did you create the app?