Mobile Client does not print bill on shared Printer

I am using Tab to take order and for bill. when i use the printer which is configured in the server, the print bill works. but when i use the shared printer in the server, it does not. also the print bill does not work when i take orders. i need to close first the ticket, then i select table and print works. please give solution for these 2 cases

Not sure about with the app but with shared printers I have always found best practice is usually to define printers with the share location with the name ie \servername\printername

The shared printer is working on server. but for the mobile client its not printing

We use SambaMessaging Server and GraphQL commands for printing. But SambaMessaging Server is a Windows Service. So now we cant print printing tasks in shared printers. Now only IP based printers supported. We are working for shared printers. Thanks.

As I understand for printing in GQL the printer must be configured on the server. Wether it be shared, local to server or IP printer.
The mobile client doesnt comunicate directly to the printer, it issues the print command from the server. At least thats how I understand it.


Yes thats true. We print via gql commands.