Mobile Client Licence Not Found

I have downloaded the android mobile client and its saying licence not found.
I have purchased the mobile client license and v5 pro is activated with a license. I jhave 3 tills registered to the same SQL DB and have v 5.1.62.
I have tried clear key in b2b panel and folowed instructions full.
I can use the API, port is set to 9000 and its all on the same network.
Dont understand why the the adroid client is saying license not avaiable. Any Ideas?


Show your message server tool so we can see how you set it’s port up.

Show some screenshots.

I have attached image
Thanks for your reply

found the problem sorry to bother, my antivirus decided to switch the firewall on i turned it off and started working.
Intresting though as the other terminals were still working

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