Mobile Client V3 No license

I have seen some posts referring to the problem with the “no license found” I have this as well on new install of MCv3.

Except for deleting a table in the database is there any other help available?

Using V5.5 with MCV3, message server restarted, can connect to server with IP address but can not update settings or database as it is greyed out.

Did you add the license after you ran licensing.exe? if so run licensing.exe again on the server and try again.

I’ve had v2 then did upgrade to MCV3 after I updated to V5.5, then ran licences.exe

Can one undo and rerun or uninstall licenses.exe? I tried running the licenses again today but still error of no licenses found pops up

What is your cp account email? Pm me it please

This was the solution to me problem