Mobile Client will not update

I have finally made it to the point where I can access the server from the mobile client using FIND SETTINGS, and save, but I cant log in and cant update.
Keep getting Message Server Connection Error.
Any ideas?

Try to disable firewall.

Yes the firewall is disabled.

I have followed this to the letter.

Not working.

I hope somebody will connect to your pc and solve your problem.

Tell me what you think I should check. I am not just going to let any stranger into my computers.
I followed the KB, all is setup.

Pretty sure we are not strangers here. But you need to be very specific with issues. We do not see what you see.

Update… I got it working remotely.
Under applications/pda I set it to All Functions instead of All Functions in local network and it updated.

Now it works and I set it all back like it was. Will test on-site whenever I get there.

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Are you going outside of the local network to access it?

Your not using internet ip for it are you?

Be careful allowing all functions expecially if you have anything exposed to the internet.

I am right now because I need to test and its a good ways up the road.

Ok well that explains it. That is a key bit of information.

Be sure and set it back to local network when you deploy it.

You don’t have to disable firewall. Just open the ports you installed message server. It’s crazy to just disable firewall and leave your system vulnurable.

Main firewall was never disabled, just port forwarded. Windows firewall was disabled.