Mobile Client Working?

Is there anyone using the mobile client in production. Will it work with all configurations. I read there was issues with order tags at one stage. Have all issues been resolved. Ive tried RDP with Samba and its just too flaky with tablets picking up wireless connections etc was hoping the mobile client would be a good solution.

Please write what are you want. So i will answer it one by one

I’ve used RDP before and had issues when the Tablet went to sleep. It was taking too long for the wifi to wake up. It just wasn’t very practical. I was hoping with the mobile client I could have waiters place orders etc but read somewhere there was a lot of issues with the mobile client (When it first came out).

So basically I want waiters to be able place orders. Send orders to kitchen. When kitchen has order ready notify waiter. Just a mobile client of SambaPOS?

Cheap wifi points, cheap tablets or porly configured. We have RDP on an iPad with decent wifi/networking setup and after sleep it takes 2-3 secs for RDP to reconnect. That’s not just after turning sleep either, it’s only after prolonged sleep. During normal use we have sleep timer extended and early any reconnect delays.
If your having issues with RDP that are related to network etc app may also have issues but it’s bandwidth useage is allot lighter than rdp

Not cheap WiFi points. We use Ubiquity Wifi access points with Samsung Tablets. When the tablets go asleep there was always a delay more than 2-3 seconds. Maybe Apple iPad are different never tried because of price. Should I be using Apple? Whats the point of Samba Mobile client if I have to use RDP?

You don’t use rdp for mobile client.

Mobile Client does everything you asked. Why haven’t you tested it yet? You don’t have to buy license to test it. It has a built in test db.

Because there was issues with it when it first came out. I know you do not need RDP for Mobile client it wouldn’t be mobile if you did? It wasn’t ready for production when it first came out and just wanted to know if there was any issues with it. I will test again now that you say everything is working. I have a licence but it didn’t work as I expected when it first came out. When I pay for a licence i expect it to work. It didn’t at first and i do not have time to be testing. That is why I asked the question.

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It works as advertised.