Mobilepos is not registered

I purchased and installed the app 1.1.14 connecting toSambaPos v 5.1.62, following the configuration manual here:
When I try to logi I get this error: Client “mobilepos” is not registered in the system.

Please help!

I didn’t know the android app had gone to public already?

It could be many possible things, we will need more info that that to be able to troubleshoot the problem on the forum.

Unfortunately there is not any toot to debug…
I just have this error message.

Yes but I mean the app will be using the API which requires adjustments to message server if an existing install, and many potential issues with ports and firewall if not setup correctly.

I understand.

  • firewall is disabled
  • no others demon installde on the server
  • server is fresh installation (I’ve tried with another server also, but same problem)
  • message server is up and running (connected) and test was successfully done

Seems the app is expecting the client registration on server side.

Try resetting license key from customer panel at

@ kendash @JTRTech

the app is definitely available through sambapos store now on the following link

however there is no information on wether or not it is in beta ?

could any of you or even Emre provide more information to clear this up ?

Did you try what I said? Last I heard it was deployed in Turkey but still being developed and tested. It works and works well. Try what I said then report back here.

Bah nevermind your a different person. Lol

Yes did what you suggested but I have the same problem.

I wonder if it could be a license problem.
I bougth V5 some time ago thougth
Now, the mobile license is available to buy into the new portal

Don’t know how to solve it

Sambabarket and b2b are seperate systems as far as I understand, or at least that is to say sambamarket account and the b2b acount you have app licence in will NOT be the same account and as far as I know you can only use one account in a system.

Perhapds @Tayfun can consolodate the licences into a single account. Give him a chance to respond to this… he will likely request details for both accounts - probably via PM.


Thanks @JTRTech

@aciofani Your SambaPOS V5 Pro license transfered to Now you can see your licenses in one account. I sent you email about your license details.

Please follow the document for activating and setting up the Mobile Client App (Android):

And please inform me about your V5 database language. Mobile Client doesn’t provide Italian yet. But I can send you the translation txt if you would like to use the app in Italian. If you can translate and send it to me, we can release it immediately.


Hi @Tayfun,
I also need your help to transfer my V5 Pro License from Samba Market to the, if the will be the center for managing all SambaPOS apps and modules licenses.

Thank you in advance for the help and my apology for the sudden request.

Me too if thats where my account needs to be when the ios app is completed?

Hello @sandi0982 Please create an account on with your registered email and send me your username by email (

@RickH IOS app completed and sent to the Apple, we are waiting approval. I will infom forum and create a topic for it.


I stll having problem with the app Client “mobilepos” is not registered in the system.
Anyone cha merge/update solve the license problem.
I bougth it time ago and stil not having solution.
Please read the topic since the first post.
Thank you in advance.

Ok so you need to follow the tutorial. If you are getting that message it means you have not followed the tutorial and did not setup the app in SambaPOS correctly or did not give correct permissions. Or you are not running message server correctly.

You have to follow the instructions completely to get it to work. This means setting up the app inside Sambapos and giving correct permissions, setting up Message server to allow the light weight html server and for GQL.

Show us screenshots of SambaPOS where you setup the application mobilepos

Here is mine for example:

As I wrote, I did as described into the tutorial (please read my previous post).
As permission I have used the “default function” as described into the tutorial.
The message server is up and running on port 9000. Monitoring ths port I can see traffic.
From what I understood It may be a license issue, maybe not.

So did you configure it as port 9000+ as shown? The + is crucial.

I read your other post… reading that makes me think the same thing which is you configured it wrong somehow. Rereading your original post again wont help me understand where your configuration mistake is. We need to see screenshots of your setup so we can determine where the mistake is.