Modificators and recipes


I have a question…

exist the possibility that when i modify one product, this modification changes my recipe of the product

for example:

 -a customer orders a normal pizza.
      -the recipe of this product is this:
           -flour (20) 
           -cheese (250) 
           -tomatoes (30)

But what if a customer does not want tomatoes in your order, it should be well:

     -the recipe of this product is this:
            -flour (20) 
            -cheese (250) 

I say this so that I do not disrupt the inventory…

sorry if my idea is not clear at all, but my english is not so good.


You are better off using Order Tags for toppings/options and preselect them in the Edit Product Properties Menu options. That way you can remove toppings and not affect inventory.
Recipes should be based on the minimum ingredients.

Hi jhon

sorry but the late reply but I’ve tried to used the order tags, but it dosen’t works… It’s because I need to make a order tag that use items from the warehouse.

let me explain my self…

I want to use the order tags to change my product recipes, which if I modify the product itself I subtract the ingredients or extras add me if you add other esque.

then according to the above, the Order tags let me just add products as such, items from the store.

if I have a recipe for a “ham and cheese” sandwich.
-1 Slice of ham
-1 Slice of cheese
-1 Piece of bread.

after using the Order Tag and get of the ham of the product, the recipe should be is:
-1 Slice of cheese
-1 Piece of bread.

so the program shouldn’t discoun the slice of ham from the warehouse.

I have tried everything but nothing works, I really need your help.

and well, excuse my insistence on the subject

What he is saying is you should have minimum ingredients for your base pizza… Example: Crust and sauce then use order tags for all of the other possible toppings. You would have to make separate recipes for each topping so it tracks them in your inventory via order tags.

More detailed example. Lets say the item is “ham and cheese” sandwich. It will have a possible 3 ingredients: Slice of Ham, Slice of cheese, and Piece of bread. Here is how you would build it.

  1. Make 3 products:
    1st=Ham and Cheese Sandwich
    2nd=Slice of Ham
    3rd=Slice of Cheese

  2. Make an Order Tag Group Called “Ham and Cheese Sandwich”
    Map it to the Product “Ham and Cheese Sandwich”
    Within the Group add the following order tags:
    1st=Slice of Ham
    2nd=Slice of Cheese

  3. Make 3 Recipes
    1st=Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Only ingredient is Slice of Bread)
    2nd=Slice of Ham (Only ingredient = Slice of Ham)
    3rd=Slice of Cheese (Only ingredient = Slice of Cheese

Now when you select Ham and Cheese and you select your order tags it will update your inventory if you take off or add cheese or ham.


Thanks kendash…

is clear as water now :smile:
i will try it again


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