Modifier Pop Up a second time

Modifier Pop ups. I have this working. For Sodas it will pop and ask what flavor.
For Salads, it will pop up and ask for dressing types.
For steaks it will pop up and ask rare, medium, medium well, and well.

However I need it to pop up again for some items like the steak, to add a bake potato that’s include.
Example, click Steak, choose temp, then choose side (baked pot, fries, etc)
How do I do that?

Whats stopping you from doing it the same way?

Possibly my coding. I tried it and the modifiers are there, if I click on the steak, but there is no pop up after the initial pop up of how you want the steak cooked.

I have to be missing something simple.

I followed this tutorial to set up my salads, sodas, and steaks.

Someone else was doing exactly the same things not long ago. Try to find the post. Ill post a link here if I find it.