Modifiers for Menu Items

Hello, we LOVE SambaPOS and believe it could be the foundation for POS Systems in 2014! That said, we are having a problem trying to configure SambaPOS to add “modifiers” to menu items.

For example, a customer orders a hamburger and wants it to be on rye bread with extra mayonnaise.

Is there any way to trigger the loading of a screen specific to “hamburger” where the wait staff could press button to provide the kitchen with a list of notes for the burger, such as:

Add Provolone Cheese .75
– Extra Mayo
– Lettuce
– Tomato
– Toast Roll

Another example would be for a sandwich that may be available on Different breads, such as White, Wheat, French Roll or Rye.

Thank you!

Hello @Armetrix

I’ve prepared a detailed tutorial for you.