Modify multiple orders with tags and tag price v5

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I am trying to implement POS for my restaurant. I am managing extra modifiers through order tag.
I have one requirement, and did lot of brain storming but could not get round to it.
I want to automate process whereby, when more than 2 order tags are selected, order price updates by $5. And when you untag orders and order tag quantity remain less than 2 then price should return back to orignal order price.

Bacon with cheese $45
extra cheese

Second scenario:
spicy $40

I have seen many topics including your " Modify multiple orders with tags and tag price" but did not work.

Your help will be much appreciated.




The event you need is Order Tagged Event. you can use the update order action to change price and use rule constraints to only execute if x number of tags exist.

Then you can create another one to remove 5$ if tag qty less than 3 and so on.


Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I got it. First I need to creat update order action with price column as [:Price], then creat rule as above and select update order actions. Right?

Where will I put $5 as it gets updated when more than 2 tags are selected.

Also if you can please guide me on order Untag event. How to put a value so it comes back to original order price if less than 3 order tags selected. Screen shots will be of much help.

Thanks once again.

@Jesse any thoughts on this??