Modify payment screen


is it possible to customize the payment screen or is it hardcoded?

I would like to delete the numpad. It has no use for us. It takes a lot of space in portrait mode and makes the list of ticket orders narrow to a point where you can hardly read them:

I would also like to add order modifiers to the list of orders. The issue is that if I add the same products with different modifiers which totals to a different price, I cannot diferentiate between these two orders. If the customer wants to make a partial payment we cannot tell which order is which:


This is what we get on the payment screen:

Is there a way how to solve this?
Thank you,

Re keypad, pretty sure you can’t, could make payment buttons on pos screen like fast payment etc.
Re list, not sure you can but you could split the ticket where orders are being paid for seperatly.