Monedas Extrangeras

Me pueden ayudar como trabajar con monedas extranjeras

You can find almost everything you need at

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Hola Jesse, me puedes ayudar, solo agregar en la plantilla de ticket el sub-total

I am sorry but I do not understand Spanish very well.

Y como dices que eres revendedor y no te animas a traducir el español, que le valla bien con esa Actidtud de vendedor

I am not a reseller.

I mean no disrespect but this forum is primarily English forum and we have a lot of people that look at it. It would help the community if you translated your questions first.

You will get quicker more accurate responses. Many members may just ignore it if they have to put it into a translator.

Of course I will translate it. But I’m trying to help you get better responses from the community.

You are more than welcome to write in Spanish but you are likely to get more people to interact and help you by posting in English.

Everyone on this forum is here as a community member from different part of the world with different native language and because of that, this is mainly English speaking forum.

As to your question, do you have tax calculation or any other calculations in your setup? What is the difference between your Sub-Total and Total?

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Thank you very much for your answer, I already managed to subtotal my receipt template



I have also same issue any suggestion for this so please reply.

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