Monitor sold and stock items


i want to count all my products in stock and how many sold
i mean by products the end products which will be sold not the recipes
clearly i want to:
1- for every product how many sold and how many still in stock
2- monitor bestselling
3- know when some product is about to finish


This will be available on default item sales report…


Inventory wise i don’t have much experience but reporting should be available if not in a default report for current stock level.


ok nice so the warehouse in the main menu doesn’t do this… right?


doesnt do what? know how many are sold, well it would do as thats the point?


i meant doesn’t count up the end products and show how many left in stock and so on?


As I said i havnt really used inventory part of samba but cant see what other number it would give you other than consumed and stock level!

  1. By making Purchase Transactions in the Warehouse section you add your items to the stock. Dont forget to select Local Warehouse in your Inventory Items. If you dont they wont show up in the Warehouse screen.

  2. You will need to use Item sales report or create your own one if you want it sorted differently.

  3. You will need to use item tags or inventory item tags for making a Threshold and then use calculations with real time inventory tracking to compare. Probably even list these items out in the report with proper filters.

Its worth mentioning that you will need some sort of better performance PC for this as it eats up a bit of resources (real time inventory tracking I mean). Especially if you use multiple terminals.