More Editor Widgets Types

Hello @emre

Just in case you were considering adding more power to Custom Screens I would like to put a request in for some more useful Widgets:

  1. Checkbox Widget - returning 0 or 1
  2. Radio Buttons or Option Buttons - returning Option Number
  3. Combo Box - returning either Combo List Number or Combo Value


All these Widgets are still “Touch Screen” friendly.
When I was building Custom Inventory Screens I found the need for a “Yes/No” answer or “On/Off” value. In SambaPOS now the User would need to Enter these actually words in a Editor Widget or Use “Command Widget” cycle through.

I am considering building a new “Customer Payment Screen” with more options to control the flow of how the payment is applied. Therefore I would like to redesign this screen below a little more.

It may be possible now, but the visual screen layout would seem a little cumbersome.
Thanks for considering.

It is also possible to build all of that in html and use the HTML Widget. Your buttons, boxes, etc could fire automation commands or store settings etc. You can also simulate those with command buttons even making them appear rounded using corner radius setting.

Or you can program the ask question popup to handle yes,no

Ok - have you built many screens using the HTML Widget? I must admit just another Language I very raw on :tired_face:

So the next question does anybody have any suggestions on a HTML Screen Builder Tool we could use to built HTML Widgets in SambaPOS?

That screen would be very simple to make. Save, Print, Cancel would be automation buttons, All the descriptions and even the returned value would be Label Widgets and the entry boxes are editor widgets. Finally you just insert a custom keyboard at bottom.

Is that a real question or are you trying to prove a point? :stuck_out_tongue: No I have not built very many just a few but I know the capability is there and it would be great to see someone try and use it.

What I meant was your entire screen would be a HTML page with elements inside the page triggering the events. Its possible based on past discussions me and Q had way back when invoke script inject script were introduced.

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That would be a 'Custom Entity Screen" right? Yes I agree I could probably build that now and as you said use Prompt for Yes/No data.

Oh sorry was a real question, just did not know how flexible a HTML widget could become inside of SambaPOS…

I definitely interested in using HTML (and a builder) because the next request from my team will be Lines & Graphics. Is there a model built on a working page somewhere? I did read that post using Document Model I think but was out of my understanding at that stage.

I typically just use notepad or notepadd++ for html

I cant dig up the post just yet but me and q both experimented with invoke, and inject script functions.

umm Yes just been Googling “HTML Checkbox Value” and it seems the mighty JScript is involved to get the value!

So the key would be to understand how inject & invoke worked? Are these Samba or Jscript?

I dunno kendash, there is a lot of coding required, I reckon a few more itsy bitsy widgets might be easier :smile:


Ok it all in one place now!

I’m seriously considering releasing a blank page as the SambaPOS V6 UI.


Haha a blank page with loads of widgets we can just add to the screen to build a totally custom pos