Move item and choose ticket

When moving items into a new or different ticket currently I choose the item, select - to reduce quantity to move (or don’t if I want full quantity), then click move. This moves it into a new ticket.

But… what if I want to move it into a ticket that already exists. I have to go in and back into the table. Then merge the two tickets. Is there a operational flow that would allow me to choose the ticket that item merges into instead of creating a new one? Additionally what if I wanted to move that item to a ticket on a different table? Void then recreate?

I see the flow like this:

Choose item -> adjust quantity -> click move -> go to new screen with table/ticket display -> choose a ticket or have option for “new ticket” --> click merge/create.

Might be to cumbersome, but I thought I would ask. Also am I moving specific quantities correctly or is there an alternative way versus hitting - then clicking move.

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I have same problem and unknown if samba have option to separate all units on a order to move… This is very useful when a table say after all orders the separate account… Is a really complex labor move to news tickets.

Good point @ojarana. I’m predeployment so I didn’t foresee that point. I think the bottle neck is navigating back to the merge screen.

Additionally, the merge screen you have to remember amounts versus displaying actual ticket items.


I have been trying to find a method to create an auto merge tickets when an entity is selected and there is already a ticket open for it.
This would have reduce the work flow but am yet to have a working solution.
That would mean you would move the items - the unselected items remain on the original ticket while a new ticket is left open with the selected items from which point you would select the alternative entity for the items you moving.
If you selected an entity with a ticket already open on it it would add the new ticket/items to it (merge).
But as I said I don’t have a working solution yet.

the problem is some times need move consumption from a table of 5 or more and every people say “pay my consumption” now try to move to diferents tikets but is easy to 2 tickets but if have 5 need idealy separate all products and units (because some pick same options food) and if create a new ticket just move all line (same plate) but need separate every plate. a function or someting to ungroup make all task easy because if all is separate (not grouping) select a b c products and make a new ticket, after select d e f and make anoter until finish. now is not posible.

You do know that in the payment screen you can select individual orders and accept payment for just that order? This will split the bill at payment screen.

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Literally learn something new every day LOL

Yes it will show its selected it even splits tax and service charges automatically. When you pay it marks that item off as paid.

As you can see I selected and paid for frito pie and loaded tots seperately as two different customers wanted to pay for their own. It marks them as paid and if you look at bottom it records both payments.

If you want separate tickets printed then in the print job the Printing Content option choose Last Paid Orders and set it to print on Payment Processed.

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In relation to the question above Is that just order lines - I mean if 2 orders are merged to one line you can only select both of them?

No you can select one of them or both click once it selects 1 click twice it selects both. If you have 4 of one thing… click 4x to select all 4 or click twice to select just 2.

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Additionally setting up a print job with Last Paid Orders will print a ticket that only contains paid orders. That might be useful to create printouts without splitting tickets.

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