Move Order from entity to another

1- i have 3 entities each of them has a tables, when i create a ticket on some of these entity and submitted i want to move this ticket to another table in different entity, its is possible?
2- what the different BTW change table and Move orders

Move orders splits the ticket, selected orders are moved to a new ticket with same entities as original ticket.
Chane entity changes the ticket entity.
Ti do what you ask, select the orders, click move to move those orders to new ticket then change entity…

1-So i think i misconfiguration in my setup
Cause when i do change the entity the ticket is duplicated and the old entity and new entity have the same ticket.
2- also the move order not working properly
I try to follow the configuration in forums but still have misconfiguration
Your help plz

Move is a default rule so you must have altered it yourself.
There isn’t a change entity button by default. You should have select or change entity name ie customer or table.
You can have ml multiple entities on a single ticket is they are different enittiy types. You can only have one for an entity type ie table, so changing table will replace with new table selected.
You could make changing any entity remove any other entity however shouldn’t really need to if setup corectly