Move POS to a new system

If I want to move the POS to a new system and keep ALL of the settings, and most importantly, keep all of the report data. How do I go about this?

I tried a database backup, then restore and I tried just copying the SambaPOS folder in my documents, but neither gave the desired results. Thanks.

Backup should do it. You using the backup module?

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Maybe I am not sure how to backup? I used the “backup to file” option? It made a text document? Then I just imported it to the new system.

I did “Database Tools” and then “Backup to file”, The reversed the order to import it. But it did not work. All the reports are blank.

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The logical name “Sambapos5” is already in use? Never mind… Worked anyway. :slight_smile:

I get this message @emre every time I move my DEV backup database to LIVE site? It works anyway, does not LOG you out…

What is the actual database name? It looks like a casing issue.

I think in my case SAMBAPOS - yes confirmed…

Sorry for the delay currently on holiday in Singapore - Sentosa Island.

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