Move ticket between table entities

Ok, so I have three entities. They are all groups of tables.

The groups are as follows:

  • Restaurant Tables
  • Bar Tables
  • Deck Tables

What I want to know is if it’s possible to do a Change [Table] between the different table entities?

At the moment we can only do a Change [Table] within the existing table entity so if a customer moves from the Restaurant to the Deck, we perform a Select [Table] (as opposed to Change [Table]) but this just lists the one ticket under two tables (Restaurant Tables entity and Deck Tables entity).

What I need is for the ticket to only be listed against a single table.

I’m guessing there’s some automation command that needs to be done but I can’t find any examples or documentation for something similar.

Instead of creating multiple entity types you create a single Entity Type call it Tables. You create 3 different Entity Screens call them, Restaurant Tables, Bar Tables, Deck Tables.

You set all 3 Entity screens up the same way but for select Entities you only put specific tables in for each area of restaurant. example for Restaurant Tables you only put the tables for that area, for Bar Tables you only put the entities for that area. You can name the Entities something like R1 R2 or B1 B2 or D1 D2 etc. I will demonstrate with pictures…

Restaurant Entity Screen

Bar Entity Screen

Deck Entity Screen



Thanks for the (ridiculously) quick reply and clearing up my misunderstanding.

I see now how it’s supposed to work.

You are a beast @Jesse!

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