Moving hardware

Hi all,

My hardware is failing and I need to move my SambaPOS v4 data over to a new machine but I have no idea where to start!

I currently have a Windows 7 embedded OS on hardware that is so old it needs replacing.

I have bought a new Windows 7 Pro machine but need help to move all my data to the new machine.

I have read that I just need to reinstall SambaPOS v4 on to the new machine and then move the .sdf data.

The post that suggests the move:

Can someone please let me know if this is all I need to do?

Thanks in advance

Anyone have any experience with this?

Would be appreciated! Thanks

Depends on your database type but generally just making a backup within samba and restoring over sample database on new machine will do the job. The backup module can be temporarily installed for this, it does need a licence for continued use for auto backups etc but for migration like this just disable afterwards.

Thanks for the feedback.

I no longer have access to the old system as it has completely died but I do have access to the raw files.

I pulled all the folders relating to SambaPOS off the old hard drive.

I now need to figure out how to piece it back together on the new hardware

I managed to install the backup module and restore the database, at first I was trying to restore the wrong type as I hadnt installed SQL compact.

Now I just need to add my printers to my new machine and hopefully everything should just work.

Stop. Save yourself a lot of pain and convert the SQL CE database to SQL Express 2016/2017 database …


Is it really that bad?

This isn’t my system, we are just replacing the machine the restaurant runs it on, however if its going to save him hassle in the long run I wouldnt object to spending a bit of time converting the data.

I’ll take a look thanks

Convert it, compact is naff.

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Yes it really is that bad in fact Microsoft stopped supporting it. It only takes a few minutes to convert. Maybe 30 minutes to install the server.

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