Moving licence to a new tablet

Hi there, I just bought a new tablet and I want to cancel the licence from the old one and move it to the new one.
Thanks for your help.

What type of licence/setup?
Windows tablet with sambapos, android tablet with one of the samba apps.
Your question is quite vague.

The licence to use an Android tablet to send orders to the kitchen. I have Sambapos on my Android phone but there’s a problem almost every day so, I’ve bought a new Android tablet just for Sambapos. I’m hoping that will enable it to work more efficiently.

I beleive you just logout on one and login on new one.
Licence on android app as I understand are per symiltanions connection, so logging out opens up connection to db for new tablet.

Sadly, nothing on Sambapos is that simple.

Well the android app licence is managed via message server I beleive, not within the app itself.

I have asked similar question long time ago…

I only need one, I have a small restaurant / bar and one is ample. I’m amazed this topic is, apparently, not covered in the instructions. I expect it is covered somewhere but, I need to prepare for opening so can’t spend any more time searching.

1 or 2 is same difference, licence is for number of tablets connected at same time.
It’s not locked to the old tablet…
Logout, disconnect old tablet, connect new one and login, stop using old one…


Okey dokey, I’ll try again. Thank you.

You are right. The problem was: my pc and the server pc had dynamic addresses. My pc was taking the address that the tablet looked for to see the Samba db. They both have fixed addresses now so your fix worked and all is happy and well again here at the Caff in Pampelonne. Thanks very much for your help.