Moving ticket from one table to another issue

I dont know if it is an issue or just a simple question.

I have a rule to add 10% of service charge in all tables, except if you buy from the counter.
Sometimes people sits on the table and then they realize that the order should have been in the counter, so I move the ticket.

Moving the ticket is supposed to evalueate new set of rules, for example, 10% service charge rule does NOT apply to counter, but having the table moved keeps the 10% service charge.

Is there any way to update ticket so re-evaluates rules?



We really need to see the rule for this service charge and how it is applied.
There are differences between a Entity Selected, Updated and Moved.

ok, here I attache the screens

tables screen

Action and Rule



Hi there @JohnS and @Emre, Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks a lot!!!


Try Ticket Entity Updated event in your Rule.

Hi @john, so what I should do is change the event of the rule from “ticket Entity change” to “Ticket Entity Updated”?

Thanks a LOT!!!


I have found that Ticket Entity Updated tends to be a better event for when Entities are changed.
You may need another Rule to cancel the Service charge when moving away from a Table.

Dear @john, I changed rule to “ticket entity updated” and now action rule “taxa de serviço” does not work anymore. I had to change it back to “ticket entity updated”



Are you trying to remove the Service charge or add it when the Entity changes ?

first, to test that all works, just adding service charge, but at the same time I added an actin that calculates a 0% service charge when table is moved… but neither did work…



@gerlandog you have a rule to Add Servicing when Table name starts with M. OK.

Do you also have a rule to Remove Servicing when Table name does not starts with M ?

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Hi @emre, no, I have not such a rule, how could I implement one?



Dear @JohnS or @emre, could you guide me to add a rule to “REMOVE” servicing in my moving tables case?



Clone your service charge action and add Remove to the name and set the amount to 0 (zero)
Clone your Rule that adds the service charge, remove the Starts with M constraint and change the Action to the one above.
Then make sure this Rule is just above the existing Rule using Sort.

When ever you change a table it will remove the service charge, and if the Table starts with M, it will add the 10% back on.

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THANKS @JohnS!!!

I will start implementing NOW!!!


@JohnS very good idea to remove first and add. Handles a lot of cases and I’ll try to remember that.