Multi branch support


Couldn’t find anything, but has anyone got any info on the multi-branch and multi-terminal features? Like how it can be implemented?



Multi branch cannot at present however this could be a possibility after V5 launches

Multi terminal can be done now, just ensure both terminals are connecting to the same database search the forum there are some guides/info about multi terminals

Hi RickH,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve seen some people make references to it, is there some sort of workaround?

Multi branch is not supported right now. You could expose your db to internet and connect terminals this way but its not recommended due to severe performance issues and if your internet goes out that would mean your entire system goes out.

Multi terminals is supported

Hi Kendash!

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What would the performance issues be? Do you mean due to internet speeD?

Yes and you could lose entire orders if it lost connection too long.