Multiple branch solution

Hello everybody

One of my customer wanted a solution to link multiple branches. I can offer him sambapos software for each branch. I can buy cisco rv042 vpn device and install & configure to the main server. So every branch can link to the server but the only problem is all the branches would be relying on internet and there would be down time sometimes. We have ISP with fibre optics so might be less down time but still if there is any solution, if sambapos works stand alone by each branch with its own database and also updates there database with server for price changes, purchases, inventory and transfers.

Looking forward to hear any solution for this.

Samba currently doesn’t have this functionality.
Also running from a single central database for multiple locations is against licence agreement - A licence is required per location/db.

Well m willing to buy license for each branch thats not a problem but linking up each branch from the head office is what i required.

In theory yes it could be configured over vpn but it’s not a official supported solution and would be effected by internet downtime and dont expect much support on a setup like that.

A system like that is very advanced. To be central with local stability is complex to config.
You would be better off investing time in scripting using api and configuration tasks to allow implementation of remote updates. Then use metric or api again for central reporting.

We have chain management system in the pipeline please be patient it is not something you would want to piece together these things require careful attention so it is reliable and gives you the information and the system control you need also so it complies with licensing.

I would tell your customer that we will support that but it is being developed right now and we do not have a release date yet.