Multiple business types in one database?

I’m working on creating a sample Pizza/Sandwich Shop and an Ice Cream Shop demonstration for SambaPOS. Is there a way to have two different configurations running on one installation of SambaPOS or do I have to have 2 separate demos?

I think the answer will be two separate demos, the good news is that you can have two different CE databases and rename them accordingly to the demo you want to show…

hope this helps!!!


Thanks! So it will be just a matter of which database I connect to. Does the SQL Compact Edition support multiple databases?


Just rename the SAMBAPOS4.SDF file in documents/sambapos4 to any filename.


Remember the database in use will be the one its called SAMBAPOS4.SDF

@Armetrix SQL Compact edition is a single file (*.sdf) database so you can quickly rename database file and restart SambaPOS to change database.