Multiple item select when choosing Product Modifiers

Hi all,

Just a quick question,
Is it possible to choosing a one particular product modifier while selecting multiple items?

Let say a table order this

  • Beef Burger
  • Chicken Burger
  • Fish Burger

and let say all of the items should be modified with “No Lettuce”

Is there any way to select those three items and choose “no lettuce” instead of selecting and doing it one by one?
Currently, when choosing more than 1 items the product modifier page will dissapear and back to the menu again.

Selecting more than one item will greatly improve our working efficiency…

I doubt this is possible and if it was probably not practical to apply as imagine the potential to select two products where one has a tag group the other doesn’t have mapped sounds troublesome.
However don’t quote me on that, it’s a semi educated guess.
You can use an automation command on multiple selected items such as cancel/void but that’s a while separate thing.
Someone else will have a more accurate answer or maybe a solution.

Short answer is no - at least you cannot do this with the built-in Modifier screen…

Longer answer is yes, but you would need to set up an Automation Command, an Action, and a Rule to Tag Order with No Lettuce.


Keep in mind that this button will be visible all the time and will not be part of the menu like order tags. It will more than likely look out of place. But like QMcKay said it is possible through automation.