Multiple users on one service report

Hi Im Running V5 for a Nail Salon, example: 1 customer request a pedicure $30 and manicure $20 stuff 1 does the manicure stuff 2 does the pedicure. Can I add both stuff 1 and 2 on the same ticket? instead of change stuff which makes stuff 1 did a $50 service and stuff 2 misses out.

You would want to report on order details rather than ticket or payment details.
Sure defualt report uses these rather than order, orders are tracked with current user so is easily doable.

Not sure if i explain it correctly, what i wanted to do is instead of staff 1 finalizing the sale for $20 then have to log back in again staff 2 and do another transaction for $30. i like to do it all at the same time. Another example 6 customers comes in for a service i had 6 staff doing there service but when time to pay 1 person wants to pay for all 6 people. it takes time to short out which staff did what.
Hope this helps

Just to clarify… You mean STAFF right?

1:1 staff ratio, service must be great but wage bill huge LOL

But seriously, are those 6 STAFF ringing in the orders they are serving themselves? Or does one member of staff take the whole order just between 6 of them they are taking food out etc,
You example of 6 is hopefully exadurated and makes it sound odd.
SORRY, just noticed it’s not restaurant…
Ok so long as the person doing the individual service rings in their own service you could like I said above change report to report on ORDERS rather than ticket or payment, which would return what each staff rang in rather than the user/staff who started the ticket or took the payment.

If not your alternative solutions become much more complex, if you search the forum you question has been covered many times over the years, what you need to search for is ‘COMMISSION’ for one. That should give a few sugestions, also keep searching for beauty related topics as pretty sure if I understand your question this has been asked and answered by hairdresser senario a couple of times in the past.

Sorry about that I always get confuse with staff and stuff. Thanks for your help I’ll dig in dipper. I just didn’t know how or what to type in to search the topic I need help with. Business like nail salons staff like to know how much they brought in.