Multple sub item in 1 item

i’m still using v3 due to the os is win xp. need some help on trying to print multiple slip for 1 single item.
example is when i select 1 set meal, (lets call this Set Meal A) that consist of rice, egg and coffee. i need to print rice and egg to kitchen but coffee to bar. can this be done? i know it can be done if rice, egg and coffee is selected as 3 separate item but i’m trying to avoid that, i just want to select 1 item (Set Meal A) if possible.

another option is to create an item (Set Meal A-rice,egg,coffee) but how do 1 make it print 1 slip to the kitchen and 1 slip to the bar? i tried the print job mapping but it only can print once. maybe i’m doing it wrong, any help would be appreciated. thanks

I can’t answer your question because I do not have v3 installed nor have I even used it in over 2 years. You should know that this forum is for v4 and v5.Tthe v3 website and forum is located at, you might get faster help there however a few members here I think still remember some about v3.

Had very little experience with v3 but imagining the flow for printing is not too different at the core, make sure and print job actions are before your update state actions.

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thanks very much.
its working now thanks to your help JTRTech.
earlier it was not working as i did not place the print job before the update state.
v3 and v4 are almost same because i used both some pc have win7 i use v4. v3 forum are less active so i thought i can get some help from v4 forum here and use it in v3.