My close button gets disabled?

So basically my “Close” button gets disabled when I pay some of the ticket amount using a voucher, so when the button is disabled, so is “Dine in” - “Delivery” (My departments) are disabled aswell… how can I change that?

I want to process a partial payment using a Voucher but leave the ticket the same, if I can’t, I’ll survive :stuck_out_tongue:

Something is messed up with your state flow. Show us some rules specifically payment processed rules.

Open the Ticket.
Click Unlock Ticket.
Settle the Ticket.

But @Jesse is correct. Your Ticket State (Status) is probably set to Locked. It does this after printing the Bill by default. When the Ticket is Locked, other functions become disabled because of their Enable States mappings.

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If it’s set to “Locked” there will be an unlock button there, but it’s not showing, however even when my ticket is locked “Close” button is enabled.

Which Rules should I show you exactly?