My customer accounts show all account

Hello guys, please help me
when I want to view my customer account details I see other accounts

I dont understand. Whenever you press Settle>Customer Account it ends up in this account?

I don’t understand either. What do you mean?

Problem solved by remote connection. It was caused by selecting a Particular Customer Account as Target for the Customer Account Payment Type which is supposed be blank.


Yeah I thought that would be an issue :slight_smile:

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thank you guys for the help

sorry guys I need your help again
the waiters made a mistake today in the same account

The last 8 Transaction was a mistake by one of our waiters is there any way i can void the credit payment

Go to Manage > Accounts > Transaction Types > Customer Account Transaction and send us a screen shot.

What are they doing wrong?

they opened the account and add cash to it twice

If you have not closed that work period you could go to manage then accounting then transactions then delete that transaction.