My Database Configuration


This forum helped me a lot, to configure the soft in a way that suits my needs, so, I am going to b the first to post the database so anyone can test it and if it is usefull you can certainly USE it.

Cheers to ALL!!!

1… password: 2308
2…I think I cleared all, but, if there is something, it does not matter
3… I will add a zip with images…
5… SAMBAPOS 4.1.21
6… At the moment the CE database is from our pizzaria, but we did an SQL implementation and we are running both, the pizzaria and the restaurant togheter withone central DB
7… Spanish is our languace, but we are in BRAZIL
8… Set printers to Demo (notepad) (SORRY FOR THAT!!!)

SambaPOS4 - (342.6 KB)


My POS layout screen
Getting Started in a PIzzeria
How to print bill when ‘Cash’ button is clicked on payment screen?

What is the Admin Password???


SORRY, jajajajajajaja,



Can I make a few suggestions to help new users
1… Set admin pin to 1234
2… Clear any transactional data and entity details that you do not want other people to see
3… If you are using pictures, please provide as many pictures as you can and the full path to where the picture should be placed
4… Provide database type (CE or SQL) and version
5… Provide SambaPOS version
6… Provide a brief description of your business with screenshots
7… Provide your language and country
8… Set printers to Demo (notepad)

@gerlandog, very nice setup.


@JohnS, Thanks!!!

You, @emre and a lot of people helped me out… so its not entirely mine… jajajajajajajja



how can i change the language to english?


You can not just change it to English you would need to modify the Automation Commands and rules/actions etc and convert to English anything you want converted.

These databases are not meant and should not be used as production system. You should install them in a test environment and study them and then create your own or modify these to your taste and test it again until your sure it does what you need and then deploy them. These are other SambaPOS users personal configurations that they were willing to share with community so others can see what they did and learn from it.


how can we install it ?


hello sir,
how can i install this database?


Apparently, it is SQL CE database, which is an SDF file. Install SambaPOS using the MS SQL Compact Edition, then copy the SDF file to the user directory containing the default SDF file.


i have mwsql extress setup, how can i use this then?

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