My Keyboard doesn't work

Hi the keyboard of the softwere does’t work in the touchscreen I dont know if I could reinstal the softwere or update it… but i haven’t do that becouse it scare me to do it and lose all my information… what can I do??..

Are you running the latest version 4.1.17?
What system do you have?

4.1.12 but I don’t know how to update or if I update it I will lose everiting

Download the new version, run it and make sure you do NOT have Sample Data ticked.

Upgrade process is very simple.

As JohnS mentioned download the latest version and Install it. This was a known issue on 64 bit systems.

You can always backup your .sdf file to a pen drive before installing. But you really dont have anything to worry about.

Tnx now with the update I can’t use the manger area with the touch screen any way I will update late now that I know how to do it :slight_smile: