My Manage Screen is Blank

Continuing the discussion from V4 Clear Database Entries:

Continuing the discussion from V4 Clear Database Entries:

i have the same problem. pls help

Instead of making us read all that can you just explain your problem? There is several discussions inside those threads its hard to tell what your exact problem is.

please Kendash my Tables is missing in my posv 4 after putting in my menu items

Ok now I am even more confused because that doesnt relate to what you linked at all. The person in the thread you linked was asking how to clear a database.

What tables are you talking about?

This is the reason we ask you to be very specific and tell us as much information as possible when you have a specific problem.

That statement can mean a bunch of things but just entering menu items does not cause tables to disapear.

Check emre response on clear database Entries

So you did not just enter Menu Items then you tried to clear database?

You said this…

The quote you provided from emre was talking about someone that tried to clear database.

Yes, after clearing my database the manage screen and table side disappear

Ok so just so I am clear which one is it.


I am sorry for the questions but its hard to understand your problem with the information you are giving.

If you cleared the database what did you do to clear it? If you ran a script can you please paste the script here?

what i mean is that after i installed the program and tried to clean the database. immediately i clear my database and put in a new

What did you do to clear it?

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Hi, i have done my succesfully but it keeps on connecting to a new database

How do you mean connects to a new database?
Have you changed the data connection string to point to the sql expess on the ‘server machine’ and specified the appropriate database?
Your connection string should be the same as on the sql hosting machine except you change localhost for the name or IP address of the server/sql hosting machine.

Why make new post? We can continue discussion in same thread…

@winsoft you are going to need to explain your problems in more detail. Linking continuing discussions without providing anymore information does not help us continue the discussion. Please provide more information about your problem.

You missed something, or configured something wrong, or made a mistake we need to know what you did so we can figure out your mistake.

Please do not link anymore conversations instead explain in detail your specific problem.