My wired network devices not listing wireless devices?

i am trying to test SambaPOS in my home, i setup a server with windows 7 pro MS SQl and installed SambaPOS4, this computer has and Ip address of and in my ADS a reserved this ip as static while my D-link ADSL will automatically will assign IP addresses to other devices.

my issue is when i put laptops hard wired network they can see the serer in the network list and also sever can see as well, i connected successfully with the database, but the problem is when laptop is connected as wireless it cant list and see the server and other wired laptops, wired devices can access together and wireless devices can do same as they are separate network. IP address of laptop and mobile are “ and”

all they are same workgroup.

how do i fix this network problem.

Have you looked for an option of wireless isolation?
Some wifi boxes offer the option for wifi to be split/the LAN protected from wifi.

Although generally it would show in workgroup it wouldn’t have to for you to be able to connect, can you ping from wifi to LAN?

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yes i see isolation option in my wireless device interface and this option has tick,

So… Untick it :smile:


it works me after unticked the wireless isolation option.
thank you very much brother.