Named User's Table

Hi Sir,

If the restaurant has 80 tables and there are four Users (waiters).

Is there anyway to write/display the User name in table, if the table is served by User.

It is easy for user to find their served tables.
I saw this in different system and it was really great.

Thank you!

You might need more waiters for 80 tables. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, there is no native method to do this, but I’m sure something could be built with Automation.

Basic way:

Insert {CURRENTUSER} to the Ticket Printout when a ticket is printed. This will not work if a different user rings up the ticket however.

More advanced way use Ticket Tag to store {CURRENTUSER} at time of ticket creation and then print that tag on the ticket.

Even more advanced way is to setup employee entities and assign employee entity to ticket.

I think you meant to display waiter name on table buttons right? For now it is not possible but you can add a ticket lister widget next to tables grid to list open tickets. I think you can filter them for current logged in user too. If you search for ticket lister widget and custom entity screens you’ll find a lot of info.

For next version I’m planning a feature to template entity button widget with printer template tags. That will create more possibilities.

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Thank you!

I will try with Ticket Lister Widget

How do you setup Employees as Entities? I would like to do this in hopes of eventually being able to transfer a table between waiters.

Entities can be anything. Just name an Entity Type as Employees and define an Entity under that type.