Navigation Screen customization


Whoa, silly me XD ! it worked. I switched to my admin account and everything worked ! Thanks, QMcKay :laughing:

I allowed my ‘manager’ user account to have every privileges except ‘admin right’. I thought that option was only for by-passing admin confirmation pin for automation command. Guess I was wrong (again XD!)


Is it possible to get ip information on a navigation tile?



Off topic, but what’s that nice looking music tile you have there? :slight_smile:


I think he has it linked to his music system so when pressed it runs the .exe file to start the music playing from whatever music program he uses on his PC


Correct. When the Tile is clicked it fires a Start Process Action which launches or brings to focus WinAmp. I also have a small tray program called Snip that integrates with WinAmp to write the current Artist and Song to text files. I use the script helper file.ReadFromFile() to periodically read the files to display their content on the Tile.


<size 46><sym>♫</sym></size> <bold><size 48>Music</size></bold>

Script Handler: fileop

function nowplaying(filepath)
  var artist = file.ReadFromFile(filepath+'\\Snip_Artist.txt');
  var song = file.ReadFromFile(filepath+'\\Snip_Track.txt');
  if (song=='') {
    return '<size 14>Click here to start Music</size>';
  return '<italic>' + song + '</italic><linebreak/>' + artist;

How to create like this please

Hi All,

I can’t seem to find out how to change the position of the tiles on my Navigation Screen.

I right-click on the screen and get the orange bar. I can right-click on any button and change the size

What do I need to do to be able to move the tiles around.

Also what do the Left, Right,Center alignment buttons do. They don’t seem to have any effect to the text at all

Many thanks in advance for any help given



Simple drag and drop to move them, left click, hold and drag and the screen will highlight where you can move to

Left right and centre work fine you might need to check your settings of the nav screen command buttons


Alignment is for the tile content not the tile itself, dont think it applies untill save/refresh…


Right click, when orange bar opens, click enable customization. Then you can LEFT CLICK and drag the tiles. REMEMBER to click SAVE CHANGES.


Many thanks that works great.


How to run a external program?ex: windows calculator


Use the Start Process Action, or one of the file.X() helpers in JScript.


hello is there any tutorial about rules an actions? I want to print my wifi password by pressing a custom button on navigation screen. I have copied the same configuration from print bill (action and rules) but I dont know how to call that rule every time I press a custom button on mi navigation screen


Automation command executed event…


Ok, to call a rule you need an action, think if this (rule) then that (action).

For your example you want to have an action to print a document.
Find your print action and right click clone it, in the settings menu change the printer job to the copy of the configuration you made, you will need to create a new printer job for this. Make sure you set it to a name you remember

Now goto rules and create a new rule, In the rule type choose Automation Command Executed Event, in the settings choose “Command Name” = "Whatever the custom buutton on nav screen is"
And finally choose the action youve just made, if you need to see a scrreenshot tutorial I can make one up.


i have already created an action and rule (clone from print orders to kitchen) this is the result:
Print Wifi is working

all I want is to print it from my navigation module:

thanks for your replies guys have a good time


The button should do the same thing no matter which screen it is on.


Hey greetings
I was a litle busy couldnt check mi pos like I said when I open a table the print wifi works but no
on navigation module

[quote=“the133448, post:38, topic:6960”]

Now goto rules and create a new rule, In the rule type choose Automation Command Executed Event, in the settings choose “Command Name” = “Whatever the custom buutton on nav screen is”

sorry but where can I check settings


You button name is _Print Wifi but rule shows without underscore…
Also don’t think you should have a value in the navigation module dropdown as this is to go to module but the name is going to be your issue
It shouldn’t working ticket either, do you have multiple rules as underscore is a clone prefix…


_PRINT WIFI i was playing with it now I fixed it so what should be the value in navigation module