Ncr pos with 20x2 costumer display

Hello I’m trying to setup the built in 20x2 display from my ncr pos 7402
I could not find info how to set it up can someone guide me pls, and also I did followed the tutorial for drawer setup but seems maybe the code is not good I have Epson t88 lll and digipos cash drawer
Thanks for your inputs

There OSA detailed customer display pole tutorial on the forum, likewise for printer and drawer.
Have you used the search?


@Adi if those tutorials do not cover your issue then I recommend you contact the supplier or person you bought your POS from and see if they can help you setup the hardware. If its just configuring it in the software then please give us more details about what problems your having. Remember the community might help you if they are experienced with specific hardware but if they are not its likely you may not get much help. Remember this is a SambaPOS community not a manufacturer of POS hardware.

Now please explain more detail what your having issues with. Explain what you have tried so far, what tutorials you have read and when and where you are having problems.

I managed to get the drawer to open but only after i created open drawer button so that part is done
The 20x2 display I tried to send commands thru cmd on com 4 and when I do that the display is showing same character until whole screen is with one character (some kind of c with comma underneath)
In samba I cannot select com 4 when trying to set it up
I’m not sure if I have to set characters for display or not ,only thing I know is when testing com 4 that is when display changes
Any ideas?

Type COM4 in the box.

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Thanks for that info,but I’m still not really able to set up the display
Anybody have by chance a pos with built in 20x2 display so I know how to start, tried to find info online but nothing

Did you see the tutorial @JTRTech posted? When you type echo hello Adi>COM4 from command prompt you should be able to see hello Adi on customer display. Before everything else you should be able to do that. If you can’t you can follow what @Jesse suggested.

This is my dilemma the display setup
The software side I’m confident I will set it up but I’m not sure how to start with display because I have all c with comma on screen and when I’m doing the cmd it’s happening something but not the real message,anyway I’ll keep looking for a way

Most customer displays just works from command prompt but some hardware might require device specific commands or port configuration to be able to operate properly. You may get better info from supplier.

So I finally got the display to work (I set up the soft directly and it gave me the welcome message but now the message is upside down (restaurant name up welcome to down and every time I do a transaction the whole text shifts a bit so it doesn’t stay aligned
Any ideas?

You need to set the behavior of the display using XCT commands. There are probably lots of different options to configure how it handles linefeed, clear screen, scroll, etc.

The XCT codes (ESC/POS) will be in your display documentation.

Hi Adi

I have NCR 7454 and having issue with display set up

do you mind to telling me how you got it work?

can you share setup? XCT code ?


I can’t remember but try to set it up exactly as per guide found on the forum and do a restart and should work as long as u know the com port for the display