Need a restaurant pos set up

Hi there, basically my friend is a very small western
restaurant. The customer could go to his order counter and order western
I had figure out how to set up the menu and table already.
Issue 1)
Will need the basic set up for just an order kiosk.
Such as open drawer etc. I seen your pizza screenshot it think it will suit ours perfectly.

Issue 2)
We are using CHD 8700 hardware, it come with an 8.4inch customer display, we need it to show for example:

By The Fire (his shop name)

Sirloin Steak $12.90
Med rare
Lamb chop $15.90

Please pay $28.80
And when for example when customer give him $30 it will show on the 8.4 inch screen
Tender : 28.80
Received: 30
Change: 1.20
If this is too hard we can skip this step, because we can just give them receipt.

Issue 3) no idea how to configure the kitchen slip and customer receipt

Issue 4) open cash draw when bill or when click (open cash drawer- need password)

Thank you

Willing to pay for your time. please drop me a pm… Thanks!

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