Need help in custom report

No, Like this
Group : Food

Category : Breakfast
item Qty Amount
Toasted Bagel Jam 3 6.00
Toasted Bagel Cheese 10 20.00

Breakfast 13 26.00

Category : Soup
Soup and Cracker 5 15,00
Soup 5 15,00

Group Food 41,00

Group Drink
Category : Beverages
Tea 3 6.00
Iced tea 2 4.00
Beverages 10.00

Category : Juice
Orange Juice 3 9.00
Apple Juice 2 8.00
Beverages 17.00

Group Drink 27.00

Total 68.00

Category your referring to I presume is your menu allocation for the product.
What are your product group settings? This is what that report is returning.

Group is Product Tag
Product tag is Food and Drink
this is Item Sales Report

You can use pivot grids for multi level nested reporting needs.

[!Sale Groups:1,1,1,1,1:0]
>Group|Group Code|Menu Item Name|[N]Quantity|[C]Total
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:MT.Group,M.GroupCode,O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity,O.ExactTotal}

You can read more about it here.


is it work at 5.1.50?

Yes that was available in v4

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How to Make report Ticket Tag like this
[Card Detail :1, 1]
{TICKET TAG LIST: CCtype} … Total Amount

Card Detail
Master Card 100.00
Visa Card 50.00

Card Total 150.00

With version 5 you do not need to store that information in ticket tags anymore. Look here for an improved way to store payments.

The report tag for it would be {REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:X} the field would be P.Description

But i still can’t get total each type Credit Card,
Credit Card
Master card 100 (Total Amount depend the day)
Visa 100
Amex 50
Total Credit Card 250

To be able to get total for each Credit Card type you need to store only credit card type as description. Not date, CC number or any other info.

Alternatively you can create specific payment buttons (payment types) and related accounts for each credit card type instead of having single Credit Card button on Payment Screen.

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here is the modified script for storing only Credit Card type minus all the other stuff.

function UpdateDescription() {
  var paymenttype = Data.Get("paymentTypeName");
  if (paymenttype=='Credit Card') {
    var cctype = dlg.AskQuestion("Choose Credit Card type","Amex=AMEX,Master Card=MAST,Visa=VISA,Discover=DISC,Other=OTHR,CANCEL=CANCEL");
    if (cctype=="CANCEL") {
      dlg.ShowMessage("Payment Cancelled");
      return 1;
    var ccdigits = dlg.EditValue("Last 4 CC Digits;.{4};;ON","");
    var paymentinfo = cctype;
  Data.Set("description", paymentinfo);
  dlg.ShowMessage("Payment Processed\r"+paymentinfo);
  return 0;
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@emre @Jesse
i didn’t want to create new topic for this one i found one before but no screen shot

i want to link 2 entity type together to change ticket’s between em same as change table , i want to change table to another entity

I don’t understand how that relates to this topic. Go ahead and make new topic and explain your need thoroughly. What type of entity and why do you want to swap tickets between them?

[Payment Detail:1, 1, 1]
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Description,P.Amount.sum:P.Type=Credit Card}

How to make report filter P.Description by payment Type Credit Card,

[Payment Detail:1, 1, 1]
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Description,P.Amount.sum:(PT=Credit Card) and P.Description == “AMEX”}

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Hi - the following link does not seem to work anymore - please can you help?

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look here for good explanation on reports;

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@mehmet you may want to see this.

This problem has been solved.
The problem is related to WP theme update.

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