Need help in Take Away

I want to setup take away. before close ticket it should be take payment but ticket still opened till delivery. so please guide me how to creat this system

I am not quite sure I can understand what you’re wanting. Do you want to setup Take Away or do you want to setup Delivery? What do you mean ticket is still open?

I’d guess he eats delivery to be paid at ordering but ticket not to get marked as closed untill delivered.

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He should probably install the Delivery Configuration Task then.

You are right. i try to brief my mind. My restaurant have 2 departments one is Take Away and second is Delivery. nor delivery system is perfect from your Configuration Task an i am using but my Take Away have some different style.
Take Away
Walking Customers come at restaurant and give me order for food, We take order from that customer with order amount when we take the payment of order then we procede order for getting ready. Now order is ready we call the customer to collect his order he comes and we deliver order and finally we close the ticket.

I think you will be understand.

Yer so you need to interrupt the default flow for ticket being marked as closed after paid.
This means altering default automation but please be careful and do not test on live system as altering default flow can cause all sorts of issues if done incorrectly.

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Sir i dont know how to do so need help to do this if you can please help and give tutorial to do this. i will be very thankful to you

Hello @nextmedia,

I’m attaching a GIF file, I don’t know if this method will work for you, if you think it works, then I can share the related document. By the way, you can’t achieve what you wanted without a customized screen.


I need this. please… i am very thankful to you. if you provide me file or give a step by step tutorial to lean it.

I built this same thing back in v4 using a Kitchen state. I cant seem to find the post it was a long time ago lol. My restaurant is counter service and call ins/drive through but we get a lot of people that walk in order, pay, and want it for takeout and leave then come back. I needed a way to pull up those tickets quickly in case they added something to it at pickup.

absolutly this system i need. thanks if you give me

Hello @nextmedia,

I prepared the Import of configuration, before you apply it by extracting from Zip file, you need to take a copy of your database.

@Jesse, you can simulate the same import for your scenario by using Display Ticket button.

Waiting Take Away (2.9 KB)

Have a nice day.


Also in case of you want to close all the tickets at the same time, (when you are Ending the Work Period) you can use Select All button for this purpose.

You can add this button from Waiting Take Away Orders Screen, right click to activate the Design Mode then select Settings and then into Command Buttons Field, type Select All and then click on Ok button. In order to save the changes you’ve made, right click again and deactive the Design Mode.

To see how to apply it, check out the attached images please.

Right but here is a question and that is, I has 2 Department one is Dine In and Second is Take Away. You give me file that i import but This file chale all rules take away and dine but I need it just for Take Away what I do to creat these rules only for Take Away.
your help is very kind for on this system. This setup is very important for me. Thanks

One more thing can you provide me Entity Screen setting for Take Away and Waiting Take Away Order.

Hello @nextmedia,

You can adjust the configuration according to your work flow. This is just an example so that you don’t have to stick on this scenario.

About detailed settings, you can get benefit from below document;