Need help MetriK for SambaPOS

Hello all team,
I have 1 customer who now using metrik report app.
Currently they already has 1 mobile device connected to sambaPOS.
but now they want us to add 1 more mobile device. Is it possible???

Please give me some guide line.

Thank u!

Your wanting another Metrik user? You need to upgrade your metrik license to one the supports 3 or more users.

yes, before i already buy 1 license for metrik app for 1 user, and now i buy 1 more license user but i can not applied into customer license.@Jesse

Otherwise SambaPOS metrik working only 1 user, and 3 user, or more.
can not 2 user license?@Jesse

Yes metriK have 1-3 or Unlimited Licenses. You can upgrade your license to 3 user license.

You need to upgrade to the license that supports 1-3 users.