Need help to run samba on 2 computers


do you know about a tutorial which explain step by step how to run sambapos on 2 computers.
I tried it, but i don’t manage all the process with the sql manager, and i get crazy(!)


All the answers are in the forum and is a very simple task. One can be the server and another the slave. Have you managed to setup everything else first on the one machine?


Just install sql express first on the server then we would be able to help you…


Try and follow this one. It is a bit more simplified.

Hope this helps.


You might also want to consider running MS SQL Express on Linux. It runs very well natively on CentOS and Ubuntu. This way you can have the DB running 24x7 on a server and then run SambaPOS on either of your terminals and one won’t be dependent on the other.


I love Linux but I wanted to point out you can do this with a windows machine and it is very reliable. I run SQL Express on a windows 10 machine and connect two clients to it.


And also to add on to what Kendash says, this is a beginner question about setting up to use on 2 computers, whereas installing SQL Express on Linux is a very advanced topic, even myself I would not consider it as I am not comfortable with Linux, so may not be appropriate to confuse new users about this.


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Thanks for the link.
I ll take a look and hope i’ll understand!