Need help with adding credit card surcharges

I use Ask Question Action for ask to choose card types. Is it possible to add the surcharges to that button???

Before I try to use Payment Processor > Add Service Calculations It work fine only when customer want to pay the whole ticket amount but if they spit order this will not work for me.

Hmmm, would be intrigued in how someone would solution that, is not somthing I have a need for and am not a buff on the calculations settings but am not sure how you would allocate a service charge to a split bill payment, generating the % i imagine cant be too hard but when does it get paid? you cant select calculations like you can products (to split the bill)…

Yes just use specific automation command for the service charge calculation. Link that command to a button in the ask question.

@JTRTech @Jesse Thank you. I will try what I can do.Just a bit hard for me to set thing like this. :slight_smile: