Need Help with Default Price Column wrong position

Ok I never seem this before but I cannot get the default price to stay in position 1 as that seems to be where Samba Takes it price from!

Any helpers please, have moved & shut down and it seems DB specific as restored another DB and that is fine :cold_sweat:

right click on column header and then choose column chooser and rearrange them Press save logout shutdown sambapos and restart it. Or try backing up the layout files then deleting them and starting sambapos.

Hey Kendash
Humm rearranging only keeps putting them alphabetically in list but even if I save and log out not change.
Will layout files work as if I restore another DB it in the correct order?

I dont mean just logout. I mean exit sambapos completely.

Yea I know - you pulled my a long time ago with that one! No joy just looking at the XML layouts and will try those but as I said thought it would be the same for all DB’s restored?

That I am not sure about I have not messed with layout files I just know what they are for and I know the havoc they can cause

Nup something bad has happened have a look at the MenuPrices Table:


I deleted the layout files.

You see the NULL Tags I assume are “Default” Prices.
Some how the Header for that column is wrong BUT it keeps on trying to INSERT the column “Price” which is the default price column…

Here are the price definitions file and the thing is I cannot see “Member” in the prices…

strange looks like it got corrupted somehow.

Yep trying to figure out how to fix it as it a LIVE database :cold_sweat: Have a copy and deleting Price Defintions to see if they line up in the end!

Humm dam you delete a Price DEF and BAMM it deleted all the Prices in SQL…

Ok after deleting definitions they realigned! But I have seem this problem before and assume it is a BUG in the price definitions so go slowly.

NOTE: Somewhere there must be some hard code OR a Table that sets these definitions up so if somebody finds it drop a post here, thanks.