Need help with this printing prolem

I have been using the system with a server and a couple of tablets for a few weeks now. Printing has been fine until last night. I dont know why but the server has stopped printing to the kitchen. I can print from the tablets to the kitchen printer but not from the server. I unistalled the printer and reinstalled, the test page printed fine but i still cant get the server to print. Nothing has been changed in the settings. When i press the button to send the order to print the print doesnt go to the print queue. Does anyone know what may be the problem?

Please show screenshots of SambaPOS printer settings and print jobs.

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i have checked the setting for both the tablet and the server and they are the same and i can print the printer test page from the server

Try this:

  • change the Printer Share Name / Port Name to something else in the list (pick anything but Kitchen Printer)
  • save
  • Logout
  • Login
  • go back to the Printer configuration in SambaPOS
  • re-select from the list the Kitchen Printer
  • save

@QMcKay Ive tried doing that and its still not printing

should your template be _Kitchen Orders Template_ ?


Show the Action and Rule for the Print Order button.

You action is not the one used in the rule.
The rule has the default kitchen print action.
Your shown action is called Reprint?

The default kitchen print action will not print orders already changed to submitted.
On that subject, I doubt you actually want the update ticket status and order status actions in there…
Did you just clone the default ticket close rule and move the print action?

I know its a little confusing as i have made various changes as I was customizing Sambapos. The ticket screen is as follows:

So i have a button to save and exit which is primarily used for the bar to enter drinks/coffees etc. it closes the ticket and submits drinks orders which dont print.

I also have the print Kitchen copy which is used by the serving staff when they take an order for meals and this closes the ticket, submits and prints the order. I also use this button if any meals are added to the order then the full ticket is printed again.

The automation command settings are below, I know the naming is wrong but never got round to changing them.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/8/d/8d6c759c067ed727945e16f6e80bba6f58168dc4.png" width=“620” height="5

The action:

The rule:

The print setting:

I hope this helps

Is that kitchen print action the default one or not?
If it is it wouldnt print anything as default action only prints new orders and the orders are being changed to submitted before the print action…
Your reprint action shown above has no state filter set so would print everything however that is not the action in your rule.
Print action in the shown rule is ‘Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job’
Print action in the screenshot is '‘Reprint Kitchen Ticket’

Am I missing something?

sorry this is the action. I was using Emre’s tutorial on reprinting kitchen ticket and that last action was for that one

OK, but did you remove the action from the rule, save, close rules then reopen and add?
If you change the action you need to ‘refresh’ its instance in the rule for the new changes…

I havent changed any rules recently and everything was printing fine. the tablets are printing fine too so im unsure why the server wont

Missed the tablets bit.
Is the printer network added directly to each machine or to server and shared to tablets from there?

Directly to each tablet and not shared

Should i uninstall Samba and reinstall? I still cant find out what the problem is. If i uninstall will i still be able to get all my automation, print templates etc from my backup?

Do they all work when printing windows test print or printing from text editor?

Test print to the kitchen printer works. I have tried changing the Printer type to Demo and it samba doesnt send the order through to notepad