Need logout button!


could you re upload the video please?


Depends on your setup.
There is an autologout option in terminal settings which logs out the the user once ticket is closed…
If your setup is more complex you may need to use the close ticket and logout user action in your automation.
A video will not help much as that type of this is very setup specific if the autologout feature is not correct for your needs.


just need and autologout actions or rule or whatever method it can be used to autologout after X seconds in inactivity.


X seconds of inactivity is a whole other ball game… Due to senarios where it is not possible to close the open ticket, ie added orders but no entity or ticket tag.
Have you tried the autologout tickbox in terminal options?
The next user would need to close the ticket anyway if previous left logged in as they would need to start a new ticket.


im aware of that, i haved think that it could only be applied to the entity screen no matter if there are open tickers and the navigaton screen in any other screnerio the rule can not be applied.