Need settle screen to allow tender of 0.00 for refunds

I think I see what your saying. I will try and replicated it myself.

New ticket, add item to refund and press refund button

press settle button to go to payment screen

i want to tender 0.00 in the charge line as im not charging anything, i want to give 44.99 out button payment buttons dont activate

if i tender 0.01 (as if the customer has given me 1p so that i can give then £45.00 back so they get all notes and no loose change) it works and the buttons activate

press cash, card etc and change displays correctly, as ive taken 0.01 off the customer i now need to give them 45.00 back

and auto logout works

accounts update to show 44.99 has been given out

i just need payment buttons to activate when i type 0.00 and the rest should work as above

When the Payment Screen is displayed, have you tried clicking the ALL button to see if it will populate the Charged (Tendered) field with the Negative amount?

Or try simply Closing the Ticket when the Payment Screen appears?

yea all populates a negative amount and buttons activate this has actually worked hasnt it? ive opened a new work period so the only transaction is for -44.99, i hit ALL so it populated -44.99 and this is what my account screen shows

which is correct isnt it? i did the refund as cash and the balance of cash is -44.99 which is what ive done?

is there anyway to make this work with my fast cash button? currently fast cash button works as it should for tickets with a positive value, however if my ticket is a refund pressing fast cash doesnt do anything at all. would i need to configure something on my fast cash button to all the “all” amount like on the payment screen?

again just thinking it will cut out extra keystrokes and screens to make process even quicker?

I have a better solution for you. I just tested it and it works. Instead of creating a new document… just put [:Price] for the price in the Update order action. THen put this equation in for price [=TN('{PRICE}')-(TN('{PRICE}')*2)]

This will refund the item and set it to a - amount so you can settle the refund without creating new ticket etc. Basically you would never need to deal with a 0.00 transaction and it would make it a one step process right from original ticket. But you have to cancell all payments first.

Hmm hang on That creates another issue because it deducts too much. let me take another look at it. Got to be something I can do.

what ive done before works though doesnt it? if i hit “all” in the settle screen? and looking at accounts is seems to process right

its just the my fast exact cash button that doesnt do anything now? when i want it to behave like the “all” button in settle screen to tender the minus figure

Forget what i said about the all button working it works in the sense that accounts is correct but i get the auto logout screen switch issue

if total is -44.99, i key in 0.01 ticket closes, change displayed is correct (45.00) as ive tender 0.01 and the account is correct. the easy fix is for the payment buttons to be active when i key in 0.00, everything else will work fine like it does when keying in 0.01 or more

OK I really do have a solution for you this time. Uploading screenshots now…
Here is what mine looks like after I complete a refund that took ticket to zero.
Working on some more screenshots to show the flow. Give me a few minutes

Before Refund:

After pressing OK to give the Change back from Refunding the item:

Notice the popup gives the total that was WITH tax

This also accounts for Tax!
This was inspired from @QMcKay Ticket Tagging system to store values.

brill cheers!! :smile:

my ticket screen shows this, as they dont have a value of zero, they have a value for whatever the refund amount is so this shows ive done 3 sales at 44.99 and two refunds for -44.99 making the total at the bottom +44.99 which is correct. i want it to show this not a zero balance.

the zero i want is just what i key in on the settle screen to show im not taking any money from the customer so change is tendered-ticket total so, 0.00 minus -44.99 to give change of 44.99.

this shows on my accounts as -44.99 for cash if i process refund as cash so all balances

so does my way work? just need payment buttons to activate when i key in 0.00 in settle screen?

I am building a system to track mine as well without cluttering the Ticket screen. Ideally it should be in a different screen… I am using custom reports module to build it. I am using Ticket Tags etc to store information to build the report. Tell you what Let me finish it and then ill just post a tutorial. Might be late tonight

The issue I have with the Ticket system your using is it messes up Ticket # flow. and a few other things that I dont want messed up throughout the day for research purposes.

The way I have it… the ticket # matches the customers receipt and I can verify it that way. If i want to view refunds I will view it through my custom report. If you make new tickets for the refunds you cannot cross verify receipts etc. And personally I think using Ticket Tags to store information is a cleaner implementation.

ah ok, cool thanks, no probs i can pick it up tomorrow

gonna be cheeky now any chance you could send me your refund button and rules/actions setup up so mine will work like yours? and your really cool accounts screen setup? dont think i could ever get it to look as good as yours?

I have written tutorials for just about everything you see in my screenshots. I will be uploading the export files soon for the ones that do not have them. Look up Accounting Method K I have two. They were both inspired from @QMcKay Method Q system

brill, could you let me know when you have the export files for refunds and account screen uploaded youve been a massive help!!

how do you process a refund for a customer if they dont have the receipt to cross verify? do you do the re-open closed ticket and refund from there? how do you know what the original ticket was to re-open if customer doesnt have their receipt?

cool ill check out method K too thanks

All my transactions are Tagged with Date, Tender amount TIME, type of CC used. etc @QMcKay Just posted a tutorial on it recently.

do you know what the tutorial is called so i can search for it? its ok i found it :slight_smile:

Here you go. Hope this helps.

thanks, im sure it will :slight_smile: