Need some guidance on setting up Caller ID Feature

This is the modem I bought, are you sure this has caller id support, I can not see anything in the description:

all I did was install the driver on the low cost version (TRIXES USB 56K External Dial Up Voice Fax Data Modem ). I did not need to active it using any command. I don’t have the modem on hand, I’ll send you the hardware ID so that you can compare with the version you have.

Yes, that’s the version I have purchased I tested it two different location.

Can you send me screen capture of Windows device manager… there should be two device listed for the modem (modem and Modem audio)

When buying did you ask for Caller ID functionality, as it says on the leaflet that its optional?

no, I did not request for the caller ID. I purchased it based to reviews from others people.

4.0 out of 5 stars CallerID, 16 Jun 2012
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This review is from: TRIXES USB 56K External Dial Up Voice Fax Data Modem Windows 7
I try to use this product for the purpose of CallerID display on pc using YAC. As I wasn’t sure if it was auto installed or I need to manually install the driver, so I went through a battle of installings and uninstallings, the modem at first failed to work completely, I nearly throw it into the bin. I also has a Max V92 modem which work but not perfect either because the disk come with it has no win7 driver. I did a clean up of my computer of all modem drivers using something called Shampoo…

It is now working perfectly without the need of installing any driver manually, it is very difficult to say whether it does or does not need manual driver installation at this point, as some of the drivers I’ve installed may have contributed to it being working.

CallerID is now displayed on my PC everytime a call comes in. The good thing I can say about this now is that it does support CallerID on Win7, so I marked it 4*.

Interesting. I have emailed the seller to see if he sent me one without the caller ID feature.

I’ll send you the drivers I have used and hardware PnP ID… this evening

Wow what is going on here? :slight_smile:

@Isaac when you dial at least you should be able to see lines as RING... RING.. If CID supported you’ll see NMBR:XXX lines between them. Since you don’t see anything that might be an issue with line. For example can you dial numbers with ATDT command?

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Nope. I get NO DIAL TONE

Maybe my RJ11 Cable is faulty…Hmmmm

Problem Identified:

Faulty RJ11 Cable. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Thank god… Lol… Good stuff


@Morshed are you using the CTI COMET USB device or kit from Amazon?

I ask because I have my caller id feature working with the cheap kit from Amazon, but now realise why I have intermitent problems. Sometimes, usually once a day the modem is not detected, so I have to manually unplug and re-plug the modem back into the USB port. Due to this I find the Amazon Kit to be unreliable and not sure I could recommend it to anyone.

I was curious to know which kit you use? And if you get similar issues with the CTI COMET as I was planning on upgrading to this device.

@Isaac, we have gone live with the CTI COMET USB device (this was the initial device purchased) in the restaurant for the last four weeks and have been using it without any issues. As we have two phone lines we require another device, I then decided to go with the modem (cheap kit from Amazon) as lot of people have been using the modems as caller id device. We have not gone live with the modem in the restaurant yet, currently waiting for a another laptop. Although I have been carrying out tests with the modem at home I have not seen same issues as you have encountered. I will go live next week with modem and see how it goes in the live environment.

You can purchase the CTI COMET USB device from below link its £85+VAT (£115 inc vat delivery):

Use attached drivers: (767.8 KB)

And important thing to remember is that Baud rate MUST be set to 1200 manually on CTI COMET USB after driver installation instead of default 9600 otherwise device will not communicate with anything.

Note baud rate is 1200 and No flow control.

Additional Information:

Thanks @morshed1

I would be interested to know how you get on with the modem in a live environment.

I would also look into upgrading to the CTI COMET

@Isaac, I understand your are using the CTI COMET caller id device now. Just wanted to give an update on the modem as per my previous POST. we have been using the mode on 2nd laptop connected to second phone line. it’s been in use in live environment for over a month and I can confirm we have not had any intermittent disconnection issue. During use the laptop is always on with all power plan disabled (computer sleep mode disabled).

Personally, my recommendation is still the CTI COMET device.