Need to have order delivery date


We have a pastry shop in New Delhi, India. I am planning to implement SambaPos in our outlet. No doubt its the best option i’ve came across.

I’m curious whether we could have a option to have delivery date for some order. What happens is, customers come to our outlet book their cake on upcoming dates pay the part payment, then we deliver the cake on the specified date and collect the full amount.

I need two solutions here:

  1. Assign delivery date to order
  2. Collect part amount while placing the order and balance at the delivery.

These are the only two step i am stucked at, if anybody could provide me a solution to this SambaPos would be ready to go live.

Waiting for the reply.


Search for Pre Order Tickets.
This allows you to generate tickets, part pay them and recall them later to make real tickets.

@ankitm, how far in the future are the dates? Up to one week or several weeks.

@JohnS delivery Dates would not be longer than a month…order may come maximum 4 weeks in advance…most of the order have the date which are less than a weeks time…